School Exchanges
Discovery of Germany
The CRIJ is organiizing this exchange together with Cachan and Wolfenbüttel schools and our pupils are spending a full week in a german family.

Then the german kids will later spend a week in a Cachan family as well.

This trip does not require any specific language knowledge, and includes discovery of interesting sites in the area, and leisure activities together with their german counterparts.

he CRIJ is happy to offer our kids the opportunity to discover a very beautiful area of Germany and a new way of life for them.

Since more than 15 years, about 30 kids aged 11-12 from Cachan schools visit in april each year their counterparts from small towns of Wolfenbüttel district in Germany.
The german pupils complete this exchange by their visit to Cachan in the following june.

Long time after their trip, all kids keep a delicious memory of this experience.
Kids Registration
In 2015: young kids from Cachan will visit Germany from April 18th to 25th.
Their young german counterparts will come to Cachan from June 27th to Juli 3rd.

       The CRIJ works hard right now together with our
       german partners to prepare this exchange !


the detailed program will come soon
                    and will be displayed here.

No knowledge of the language is required. Our german partners can speak some french, and the CRIJ personnal being there, no problem may occur.
However the CRIJ arranges
some initiation to the german language, for the fun of it, if families wish their kid to participate.

Let me tell you the story of a discovery trip
That was the 2013 visit to Germany.

Our 10~11 kids have had again the opportunity to discover life within a german family, to make friends of their age with german kids living in a totally different environment, but also to visit the beautiful spots of Wolfenbüttel area.

In the programme, recreational activities at school and outdoor games facilitated the contacts between french and german kids, despite their different languages, but also exccursions to the most typical places around like Serengeti animal park close to Hannover, the wonderful hills and forests of the 'Harz', and of course the splendid architecture of the old city Wolfenbüttel, so different from our Paris suburbs.

You may also make a virtual visit of Wolfenbüttel available at the Twinning page of this site

But now let Christine Rescoussié, vice-president of the CRIJ and in charge, at the french side, of the kids exchange with our german friends, tell you the story of this discovery trip :

'Let me tell how we spent this beautiful week of april

We were in Wolfenbüttel fromapril 27th to may 4th. 34 people of whiich 30 kids aged 10 to 11 from several Cachan schools and 4 adults taking care.

Saturday        Trip to Wolfenbüttel
after our flight Paris-Hannover, we reached Wolfenbüttel at about 
Welcome from german families, and kids both nationalities have met for the first time, playing inside as
unhappily it was a rainy day !!

Sunday            Activities with the german families
Monday          Beautiful day in the touristic area of Harz 
                                      close to Wolfenbüttel 
In the morning kids played various games outside (football, golf and mini-golf), then cable cars took us to the top and we could enjoy summer luge the whole afternoon. Kids loved it, adults too !!!

Thuesday        Morning at school
2 schools (Remlingen and Sickte) organized activities (games, cooking, whitches and wizards suits etc…)

We met again at 7 pm for a special evening « The night of whitches ». A local tale tells that in the Harz, during the night of april 30th whitches meet and party !!!
It was a lot of fun !!!!

Wednesday      Activities with german families
Thursday         Tour at Serengeti Park
              Morning was a safari, and after lunch, kids could enjoy the attractions !!!!!

Friday       Wolfenbüttel visit
           a safari photo gave us the opportunity to discover the beatiful old cityWolfenbüttel !!!! then shopping 

Saturday       Return trip to Cachan - Beautiful memory !!
Beginning of june, Cachan families welcomed the young germans with a heavy programme of discovery of the Paris city and area :

The CRIJ supports as well Cachan secon-dary schools in their international projects of all kinds :
- school exchange
- discovery trip
- study tours
- students internship

As an english speaking school, interested in creating a relationship with a french school, you may contact us !

"college Paul Bert" exchange
Year 10 secondary school pupils of "collège Paul Bert" studying german visited Wolfenbüttel last year in april, after their german counterparts of the "Gymansium im Schloβ" came too Cachan in march.  
This year, the exchange theme was "discovering our cities". The youngsters  visited Paris and Berlin but they also re-discovered their hometowns through  a rally, analysing the past history, and also the present time and the future of their cities, and creating a survey of inahabitants. Everybody appreciated very much this discovery of a foreign country and it's way of life. Real friendships between french and german were created and some of them will be continued individually.
Discover hereunder the photo-album of the german pupils welcome in Cachan.
Internships Abroad
Crossed Internships France-Germany

Most universities and high schools have now included internships in their programme while more and more companies are getting international, and that international trade offers more and more employement opportunities.

Then an intership abroad is an excellent choice, and it was an idea shared by schools teachers at the Cachan 
University Institute of Technology, at the 'lycée' Maximilien Sorre and as well at the professioal education school Carl-Gotthard-Langhans in Wolfenbüttel.
Three Cachan students in International Trade made a 2 months internship in Germany, that country which has 'invented' apprenticeship as a major initiation to professionnal life, while 6 german students came and discovered french companies.
A final meeting took place in Wolfenbüttel with german and french students, teachers involved in this project, representatives of the german companies who accepted to employ the french students, as well as local authorities, especially M. Jorg Röhmann, president of the district council, and all wished the continuity of such a practice.

The CRIJ, the articles of which specify that the economic field belongs also to its missions of international relationships development, is very enthusiastic about such a project which involves both education and business.

Crossed internships France-Spain

Lycée Maximilien Sorre organized since 2010 crossed-internships with the lycée Provençana in Barcelona, within the  european NETINVET network,
and within a european project the target of which is to develop students mobility
in Europe.
About 15 spanish students went into a 10 weeks internship at companies of the Orly airport freight zone, and practiced import and export process. During this internship they lived in the CROUS students home of Cachan.
About 15 french students had a similar internship of business development and customer follow-up at companies of Barcelona area, supervised by company tutors.

The comment of the companies involved was extremely positive, regarding the level of knowledge of the students, as well as their motivation.