Support to Ukrainian People
3O years of friendship
avec le District de Wolfenbüttel
Officials within the twinning
Since the early days of the twinning in 1986, Cachan city officials as well as Wolfenbüttel officials have always proved their commitment in the twinning and highly contributed to its development 
The CRIJ as well contributed financially and logisticly to events and actions carried out within the twinning frame.
Each year, over 300 Cachan inhabitants at any age, and as many citizens of
Wolfenbüttel district meet and share some time together, closing friendships.

You may download on this page the nice brochure edited for the 30th anniversary of the twinning, and get much more information about it, but only in french and german ! 

Citizens within the twinning

All along the year, the twinning lives through activities initiated by local sport and culture associations, schools at all levels, in a close relationship to their counterparts of Wolfenbüttel district.

These activities and events are subsidized by Cachan city and the CRIJ.
The CRIJ's support is financial and/or logistic.

The CRIJ organizes with the Wolfenbüttel district a yearly exchange of schoolboys and girls aged ~11 during which about 30 Cachan pupils may discover the beautiful old city
of Wolfenbüttel and its surroundings, and welcome 2 months later their german counterparts, allowing them
to discover Cachan and the Paris key spots.

Every summer as well, Cachan city and 3 european cities organize a summer camp, during which youngsters aged 16~20 are cooperating on a common social theme and
enjoy leisure all together.

Just one click on a picture will lead you to the dedicated
page for more information about exchanges organized within the twinning frame.
Discovering Wolfenbüttel District
Right at the center of Germany, in the Low-Saxony Land, very
close to the previous Iron Curtain and to the beautiful area of Harz, the district of Wolfenbüttel counts about 120.000 inhabitants, of which 50.000 in the city of Wolfenbüttel.

The hilly country landscapes alternate with small towns and villages that kept all the charm of a multi-century past.

The twinning activities offer an excellent opportunity for Cach citizens to discover this magnificent area.
Maybe these few pictures gave you the desire to know more about the district
of Wolfenbüttel.
In such case we recommand some virtual visits :
- visite virtuelle Photo Album with M. Faure, french guide & photograph established over there.
- le site officiel official site of the Wolfenbüttel district (in german)