International Exchanges
The CRIJ supports
international exchanges
International School Exchanges
CRIJ Exchanges of Cachan pupils 11~12 years and Conservatory 
Both exchanges are supported by the german-french youth office. 
The CRIJ supports as well Cachan secondary schools exchanges and discovery trips, within the frame of the twinning, or even to other countries, including UK (Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh..)
In Higher Education, the CRIJ supports abroad study trips, international traineeships and international solidarity projects of students associations of Cachan scientific and engineers schools.
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International Sports Exchanges
The CRIJ supports international meetings initiated by the main Cachan sports associations.
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International Culture Exchanges
Since more than 40 years, the Choir Georges Migot meets every second year the choir "Frauenchor" of Sickte, within the frame of the twinning, and with the CRIJ's support. 
Ensemble Choral Georges Migot
Every year in Cachan and surrounding towns takes place the African Movie festival, for young and older people.
Every second year, the city of Cachan organizes the Biennale of Contemporary Art, usually with the participation of german artists within the frame of the twinning.
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